Crystal Hendrex

Executive Assistant

Crystal Hendrex has supported Emanuel Anton since 2011 in various roles including Legal Administrative Assistant, Director of Administration, and her favorite as Executive Assistant. She brings her 12+ years of law firm experience when working with senior management to ensure client questions are answered and their needs are taken care of as quickly as possible while maintaining the seamless operation of the firm’s business areas.

Crystal’s extensive education includes a B.S. in Criminal Justice and Masters in Business Administration early in her career as well as continuing education which keeps her current on industry standards in accounting and bookkeeping.

With over 10 years of law firm administration experience, Crystal is equipped to handle a variety of firm and client needs. During her tenure, Crystal has led all aspects of office management and facilities including capital projects, office administration and restructurings, records, travel, conference services and business continuity operations for multiple offices. In her current role at Bizjet Law, Crystal is responsible for supporting day to day accounts payable and accounts receivable operations, client communication, banking relationships, and supporting the firm’s financial management and administrative needs as well as the executive needs of the firm’s CEO.

However, the truly most enjoyable part of her job is communicating with the clients. Helping to explain things to them and answer their questions gives her a great sense of fulfillment. She is patient, receptive, observant, and respectful. Her attention to detail allows her to juggle many balls at the same time. She is also very enthusiastic and encouraging, with an incredible work ethic, which makes her an invaluable member of the Bizjet Law family.

In her free time, Crystal enjoys live music, working out, trying new restaurants, and reading.

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