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Our attorneys represent companies, serial and portfolio entrepreneurs, and other HNWIs and help them navigate the entire M&A process within the aviation industry. We handle all aspects of the transaction including designing the structure of the transaction, due diligence, entity formation, asset protection, compliance with all FAA regulations, and facilitating millions of dollars in financing to bring deals to a successful conclusion.

A Sample of the Types of Deals Where We Can Help

Buy or Sell a Part 135 Certificate

The average timeframe for someone to obtain a brand new Part 135 Certificate can take two to three years or even longer because FSDO’s make applicants wait in line on a first-come, first-served basis. So, companies often ask us to help them purchase an existing Part 135 Certificate so they can skip the line and avoid both the significant costs and long delays of the application process. Based on our experience, there are several tips you should consider when purchasing a Part 135 Certificate.

Buy or Sell a Fixed Base Operator (FBO)

Owning an FBO comes with the inherent risks involved in dealing with items like aircraft, fuel, bad weather, and heavy equipment. Whether you are purchasing or selling an FBO, we have experience in helping avoid catastrophic occurrences that will help you keep your business safe and money in your pocket.

Buy or Sell a Part 145 Certificate

The transfer of a Part 145 Certificate, whether as an asset deal or a stock deal, typically requires the new owner to apply for a new or amended certificate, though there may be certain exceptions. In addition, the expensive nature and potential product liability that can flow from the transferred assets make the purchase agreement key to protecting buyers and sellers from liability. We help clients navigate the process.

Buy or Sell a Part 133 or Part 137 Certificate

A Part 133 or Part 137 Certificate, similar to a Part 135 Certificate, cannot be transferred as an asset from one company to another company. Accordingly, the purchase of a Part 133 or Part 135 Certificate requires the buyer to purchase the entire certificate-holding company. Care should be taken during the entire process to overcome regulatory hurdles.

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