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Acquiring a business aircraft involves careful regulatory, tax and financial planning, as well as considerations of how to shape the ownership and operational structures. This guide provides an introduction to those issues and organizes all the key elements of an aircraft transaction in one source. This guide lays out those key considerations from the perspective of the buyer.

The Jet Buyer’s Guide covers federal and state tax issues, regulatory issues arising under the most relevant regulations from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT), and transaction and tax issues, all of which affect decisions about the aircraft ownership structure. The chapter articles are written to cover many of the main areas buyers look for when proceeding through various steps of the aircraft transaction process, from the letter of intent to the closing.

This guide was developed for buyers that are relatively new to aircraft transactions or those looking for a refresher, and is designed to serve as a checklist to reference throughout the process. It’s not intended to replace your advisors, but rather to help you ask the right questions of your advisors at every stage.

Beginning with an overview of how to build an acquisition team, the guide describes stages, such as how to shape the transaction and the ownership structure, and provides key tax optimization strategies and closing documentation considerations.

The success of your buying new or pre-owned journey depends on the advice you get. Bizjet Law aims to provide the most comprehensive business aircraft regulatory, tax and transaction support in the market for your peace of mind.

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