An Introduction to the Jet Buyer’s Guide

Ramsey Ammar and Emanuel Anton founded Bizjet Law in February 2021 to provide their significant expertise to the aviation industry. With over 25 years of collective aviation law experience and over $1.5B in transaction volume, they are uniquely positioned to provide sophisticated yet practical insights and recommendations to their clients.

Ramsey and Emanuel have owned numerous small businesses throughout their lives and are keenly aware of the challenges facing business leaders, portfolio and serial entrepreneurs, and the types of people who want to buy business jets. There is always a balancing act with time and money. A principal objective of Bizjet Law is to save clients both, primarily by distilling complex tax and regulatory concepts into actionable information and recommendations.

After hearing so many of the same questions and encountering the same issues over the years, we sought to educate both current and potential clients with additional resources to assist with their decision-making. “Should I hold title to my aircraft in an LLC?” “How do I share my aircraft with another one of my companies?” “Do I qualify for bonus depreciation?” “Can I avoid state sales and use taxes on my aircraft purchase?” These are all common questions, among many others, that Ramsey and Emanuel seek to answer in the Jet Buyer’s Guide. This guide is written with the general aircraft owner and buyer in mind.

That said, while Bizjet Law acknowledges that 70% of aircraft transactions can be handled by a common set of concepts, Ramsey and Emanuel also understand that every business and person is truly unique. Bizjet Law strives to give each client a personal and high-touch experience that’s both grounded in the basics yet tailored to each client’s specific set of circumstances.

Regardless of whether you want to buy a Gulfstream G650 or a Cessna Citation, Bizjet Law hopes and expects the Jet Buyer’s Guide will assist you during the entire jet-buying process. Enjoy!

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